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Auckland Tango

BRIEF:  The Auckland Tango Dance community wanted to develop a website to provide useful information about Auckland tango for local dancers as well as for visiting dancers and people looking to start dancing tango. They wanted the new site to provide all the events calendar information that is published on the long-running TangoClub website, but to also provide other details (not available from TangoClub) about where to learn, who the teachers are, current news, etc. The website needed to be fully responsive for all devices.  They wanted to complete the project as fast as possible and on the lowest budget imaginable.

SOLUTION: We used one of our favourite responsive WordPress themes (Virtue by Kadence), a fantastic calendar system (by Timely) and customised the layout and design as necessary to make it consistent with graphic design mock-ups provided by one of the community’s multi-talented dancers. We then coordinated the uploading of images, videos and other content provided by other community members and set up access details and instructions to enable all dance class and event organisers to upload and manage content. We also found a sponsor for the hosting of the site.

OUTCOME: The new website was published within a couple of weeks of the idea being first mooted and is experiencing great support, with visits (and compliments) from tango dancers in a surprisingly large number of countries around the world.



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